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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  March 24, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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for ransom. why police say the guy she was with waited 12 hours to call the cops. >> a local woman says an uber x driver raped her during a trip. what the fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of awesome awesome. ♪ right now breaking news. a mini van full of bullet holes and police are still trying to figure out what happened. more than a dozen gunshots as chaos erupts in a philadelphia neighborhood. good evening, i'm iain paper.
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>> i'm lucy noland. fox 29's dave schratwieser is at the scene. dave. >> reporter: lucy wild seen here in nicetown tonight. it all started around 7:20 again showing the dangers philadelphia police come up against almost every single day. roll you some video. 20 shots fired at two separate shooting scenes. the first shooting seep, 17th and kayuag around 7:20. a gunman opened fire into a van. that van riddled with gunfire. one victim shot there. as police arrived on the scene a second man exited that van and began to run from police. they chased him a block. chief inspector scott smalls picks up the chase from there. >> the officer ordered the male to stop, drop the weapon show his hands stop running. the male refused. he turned, he point the the weapon in the direction of both officers and that's when one officer discharged his weapon. striking the suspect in the
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torso. the suspect is shot in the groin area left torso and his left shoulder. he collapsed in the 1700 block of glava street when he fell he not only dropped the weapon witness extended magazine. he dropped a second semi-automatic weapon. >> reporter: now again police say at least 20 shots fired. the first shooting victim and the suspect were taken to temple hospital. they are in stable condition. both officers 39th district officers are okay but another dangerous night for philadelphia police again both of those officers are okay. the shooting victim and the suspect are at temple hospital tonight in stable condition. internal affairs investigators and northwest detectives on the scene in and both of those guns are still on the street right behind me. police still investigateing this investigation will go on into the night. lucy? >> thank you very much, dave. developing right now in
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philadelphia's frankford neighborhood a man questioned in the murder of a woman. homicide detectives spent hours digging up a shall hoe grave today. it held that woman's body. police found her hyped a building on the 4700 block of frankford avenue. the landlord had called them to the scene and police say when they got there they saw a man running away they used a stun gun to stop him. right now he's a person of interest in the case. as investigators question him. witnesses tell us they heard yelling earlier today. >> this is philadelphia, you know, people argue all the time on the street and i just continued minding my own business, and then they went back there and i kept walking and then that's when i came back and seen him come out and the girl never came out. >> crime scene investigators recovered evidence from two dumpsters including bloody women's clothing and a box of trash bags. police searched searched an apartment where they believe the murder may have happen. so far they've not release the identity of the person of the interest nor the victim. on your radar tonight roller coaster continues.
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cold today but scott a warmup and rain on the way. >> a little bit of everything over the next several days as today temperatures were only in the low 40s for highs. up from degrees was the high in philadelphia. but right now, it is cold everywhere. 32 allentown. 20's in pottstown. 24 degrees right now in millville. but hang in there. not tomorrow, but by thursday we'll tap into some of this milder air. 60s open 70s off to our south. that will move in but also moving in we'll be watching this system right now and it could bring some showers as well as thunderstorms for parts of our area. take a look at some of the hail reports earlier this evening through sections of missouri out ahead of that front and this system once again will be bringing the milder air and also the threat for some storms later this week. so tonight low temperatures at or below freezing. it stays cool for tomorrow, high temperatures try and make it to if you have tee degrees there could be a spotty shower as well and then as we move toward
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thursday, high temperatures near 70 degrees with better chances for rain even thunderstorm thunderstorms. we'll time everything out for you plus talk about potential flurries back in that seven day forecast after all of this moves through. back to you. >> not sure i want to talk to you then but we will, scott. all right. bucks county high schoolteacher in jail prosecutors say 33-year-old mychal, had a sexual relationship with a teenaged student. school officials and parents are discussing what's next. fox 29's sean in the wilson is live in warminster tonight. shawnette, what are you hearing? >> reporter: luce though teacher has been placed on leave leave. he was arraigned in court this morning. this after warminster police found out about the allegations just yesterday. 33-year-old michael joseph sweeter social studies at william tennet high school chargeedcharged with having inappropriate sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student. warminster police arrested him after they were tipped off yesterday.
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>> she has him for government class and we're all shocked. >> reporter: police say he and the student would meet at school just after school hours and outside of school and they would kiss and have sexually explicit conversations. investigators say he had also booked a hotel room with the intention of meeting the student to have sex. police say they found out before that happened. >> gets me sick. i just can't believe these teachers are doing this to children who are innocent and um, they even put their job and their life on the line. >> reporter: at a centennial school district board meeting to night the superintendent read a statement about the alleged incident. >> as the school community, we are extremely saddened about this situation. our concern is always first and for most focused on our students students. >> reporter: district has since placed him on leave. parents are stun. >> it's just not right. >> reporter: and tonight he's being held at the bucks county correctional facility on $50,000
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bail. iain? >> shawnette, thank you. a woman says she was raped by the driver of an uber x car that pick her up last month. police cannot release many details but they are investigating the roar. uber tells us the driver has been interviewed by police and has not been arrested. saying in part "upon learning of the incident we immediately contacted philadelphia police department to assist in their investigation. as the investigation continues the driver's access to the uber platform has been suspended ". new developments in the tragic plane crash in the french alps recovery efforts have stopped for the night at crash site of germanwings flight 9525. they will resume again in the morning. the flight took off from barcelona spain heading towards duesseldorf germany when it went down. local official says the plane appears to have disintegrated in the rugged terrain. crews found one of the plane's black boxes. 150 people were on board that plane including 16 high school
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students and two teachers. no one survived. the president of france says they are doing everything they can for families who have lost someone they love. >> all resources are being put in place to understand the circumstances of the accident and to recover the victims. >> this is germanwings first accident. it's the budget airline run lie will you have stanza. officials with germanwings say the last routine checkup on the plane was yesterday hours before it took off. tonight investigators still don't know what sent a schoolbus slamming into a montgomery county home. that bus was loaderred with students on the way to school when it veered off the street and into that blue bell home. amazingly no one is hurt. fox 29's bruce gordon spoke to a child on that bus who helped her classmates when they needed it the most. >> reporter: a record drags a wissahickon school district bus from the living room brad and jill lafferty share with their four girls. mom and dad and two of the kids were home when this shocking
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seen nearly turned tragic. >> you had just left the living room. >> we were in that room five seconds before because my computer is in that room so i was doing some work on my computer and we just walk out. sounded like something exploded in my house and i my neighbor kept screaming get everyone out of the house. that was my main don't get ought of my kids out of the house. the. >> reporter: the bus was headed to saint helena elementary school with nine students aboard. driver dave suddenly lost control ran down a street sign, up the lawn and into the house. a brave sixth greater saved the day and her fellow students. >> so iran down the aisle and i open the lock -- like opened the kind of latch, and i jump out on to the grass and then i just i was kind of in relief i knew i was out of the bus and it was kind of like smoking i guess i kind of encouraged everyone, get out, let's go, come on. >> reporter: all morning long while the bus was still stuck in the home neighbors neighbors row counter the story an earth shattering
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crash, school kids piling into a neighbor's home for refuge. >> they were -- >> banged up at all. >> no, none of them were injury. they said there was no pain, nothing everything was okay with them. >> reporter: jill lafferty spent the afternoon accepting momentos recovered by restoration crews. and reliving the horror that might have been. >> i said a prayer and i said thank you god that my kids were not in that room because we would have have been opinion to the wall. i don't know what could have happened. i don't want to think about the what ifs it's too scary. >> that are reports from the scene that the schoolbus driver identified as 58-year-old dave her beck may have blacked out at the we'll prior to the accident. he was hospitalized tuesday night at abington in good king the schoolbus itself does have a dashboard camera. witness pain township police have viewed the video but are not commenting on what it shows. in the newsroom bruce gordon fox 29 news. police are after a guy they say pulled a gun on a cashier got away with about 100 bucks.
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video shows him walking into the j and b market on the 4700 block of 13th street in logan. he pointed a gun at a store employee demanded money then hopped oh and a red bike and rode off. if you have any information on this contact philadelphia police. a good samaritan helps philadelphia transit police reunite a lot of little girl with her parents today. the three-year-old was what happening the station of eighth and market when a septa rider noticed her and got the attention of transit police. about half hour later the little girl was back with her mom. parents telling authorities they went separate ways at the station each thinking the other had the little girl. all work out in the end though and officials say because people are trusting those in uniform. >> if something like this happens, we want that child to be looking for a police officer. that's -- that's our goal here and if a little person gets lost and they come running to police officer because they know that's the person that's going to help them that's success much that's a great day. >> of course, authorities made
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sure mom was who she said she was before the two went on their way. high speed chase ended when the driver lost control and crashed into the woods. turned out, he was wanted for murder. what one office noticed that sparked that chase. a nine-year-old boy pulled from a well recovering tonight thanks to a brave neighbor. what he did inside that well to keep that boy alive. plus caught standing buck naked at his front door as kids play nearby. tonight the guy dubbed naked man is angry. >> why he says he's the victim. >> ladies, listen up. we all love our shoes right? but they could be doing lasting damage. why all those heels are giving so many health problems to women 40 and older.
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music: etta james "at last" (plays throughout) ♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm.
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♪ drama in central jersey when a massive sink hole swallowed up an suv. this huge hole opened in the middle of the street this morning in south amboy middle second county. authorities think a water main break may have caused it. they evacuated for nearby home. nobody is hurt though. drugs guns and dangerous reptiles recovered by new castle county police. police went to a home on the 5500 block of heritage court drive in wilmington to issue a warrant when they got inside they found cocaine pot and a couple of loaded guns and 17 reptiles includeing a boa constrictor and several monitor lizards. police say they arrested jennifer chadwick, antonio graves and jeremiah feast. three-year-old was living in the home as well. three suspects are all now facing serious charges and the animals were brought to the
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brandywine zoo. in bucks county an infamous intersection has people living nearby saying enough is enough. two cars hit a woman simply trying to cross the street early this morning. she died. it is a familiar tragedy at street and knights road. last year time magazine call it the most dangerous intersection in the country. fox 29's dave kin kinchen has been talking with concern neighbors. >> reporter: these are images bensalem residents is seen too many times another crash at nights and street roads taking the life of 28-year-old christina massey early this morning. >> she was walking against traffic and she was struck fatally by two vehicles. >> reporter: bensalem public safety director says massey crossed the intersection without having the light and it's one of many ways accident happens here according to those who live and work in the area. >> people on their phones people just doing whatever, and not paying attention. >> everybody runs lights i mean everybody is in a hurry to cut the arrow. breaking the law man.
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>> reporter: mike emery helps clean the vehicles at the war cash and says he's pretty much seen it all. >> when people die there's lay outs and stuff and i've seen those a couple of times actually. >> it's obviously the worse intersection in america. >> reporter: it earned the name in the worst america in a time magazine article in 2014 after crunching data from the national highway save traffic safety administration it found seven deadly crashes over 10 years with bad signage aggressive drivers and jaywalk kearse to blame. >> i can see why a lot of accidents happen here. >> you're surprised to hear that that. >> really surprised to hear that that. >> what can you done to make the intersection safer. >> were did see more police cars out today but the public safety director says it's not up to government. >> we do have a considerable amount of accidents in that area, but it's not any fault of penndot's or the state or the township or road design or engineers. it's basic human beings not being patient and wanting to cross not at the intersection or cross against the light.
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>> dave kinchen fox 29 news. >> both drivers are cooperating they do not at this point face charges. licensed counselor clients include troubled teens is now in big trouble himself. montgomery county prosecutors say he molested a teenaged girl in his home office. police say back in february, 73-year-old bernard rivas touched a 14-year-old client on intimate areas of her body. the girl says it happened on two different occasions. she gave police a detailed account of the assaults and investigators say she even photographed rivas touching her. so he's now facing charges of inn daring the welfare of children corruption of minors and indecent assault. >> greek life in the spotlight. the president of penn state university says it's forming a task force to look at fraternities and sororities on campus. one weeking a arc police investigation found a secret facebook page tied to that school's chapter of capita delta roh. police say that secret page had photos of naked and semi make women who were either passed out or asleep.
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penn state suspend the fraternity for a year. university president eric baron says the panel will look in sexual misconduct and alcohol abuse within greek life and try to define its purpose on campus. well we now know what set off a deadly 40 vehicle wreck on the new jersey turnpike last month. black ice to blame. a state transportation department review found a quote sudden weather event. flash froze moisture on the roadway. february 9th was the night it happened in cranbury. the pileup trapped one man in his car and he died. dozens of other drivers were hurt. 2015 mayoral candidates in south philadelphia tonight. they were answering questions from community members about education. the event was free and open to the public. the auditorium was packed at the gw child school. questions at the forum focused on education in the city. the event was hosted by local community organizations. hope is still alive for a deal that would let a in order developer buy atlantic city's former revel casino.
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next week a bankruptcy court judge will hear revel ac's latest request to sell the casino to glenn straub. he will pay $82 million for the property which cost $2.4 billion to build. both parties are asking the judge to treat this proposal as a new sale request. all righty. somebody who bought a lottery ticket in montgomery county hit the jackpot. >> likely still holding on to a ticket that will make them a million dollars richer. the ticket matched all six winning numbers that mean someone is in lieu to receive just over a million bucks. the person who bought the ticket hasn't come forward yet but the store's owner says he's got a couple of guesses. >> it has to be somebody local because we don't get people from far away you know except a few truck drivers that, you know that deliver stuff over here. mostly it's local people. people that come in almost every week. >> j and r market in ambler will
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collect a cool $10,000 that's the bonus for selling the winning ticket. >> good for them. distressing delivery sent to an eight-year-old girl. the website says it's a joke but the family is not laughing. the surprise creating such an uproar. and -- >> for three months eagles fans have wondered why did howie roseman lose his job as the general manager. gee free lurie finally spoke on the matter today here at the nfl owners meetings much we have that coming up for in you sports. >> the truth is out there. when scully and -- are reuniting for new x files. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. >> good evening, everybody. putting in a new water main and that's causing delays in the neighborhood. grace for row avenue closed for the next month between fitzwater and bainbridge we're going around the block there and the working to night to put knew barriers in place on i-95 i-95.
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expect delays tomorrow morning in the area of betsy ross bridge. we'll check the traffic and we
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nicole: we all have different needs for our children and basing all of the childrens' needs on one test is not the right road to go down. and something's got to change. okaikor: and the ones who are taking the brunt of it are our children. all the other things that make you a great human being is not important anymore. what's more important is: can you answer a-b-c-d?
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gina: what am i going to learn for my child from this test that my teacher can't tell me right now? ♪ a not so incredible ride for those on roller coaster in orlando. a glitch on the incredible hulk brought the ride to a halt today. about 50 yards from the unloading area. authorities had to remove people from the universal studios ride but no one was hurt. under fire yet again radnor
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joseph clancy top dog of the secret service for just a few months and he's again in the hot seat. as law makers review this newly released video showing two top agents running into a barrier at the white house. clancy got an earful. lawmakers are extremely upset that he's the only one testifying from the secret service about what happened. the agents involved face drinking then driving and disrupting an investigation on white house grounds. lawmakers also questioning why some surveillance footage of the incident was erased. >> there will not be a reduction of us troops in afghanistan this year. president obama meeting with afghan's new president. just under 10,000 troops will remain in that country. afghanistan's president requested those troops stay. u.s. forces were accept to go down to 5,000 bite end of the year but today president obama says afghanistan is still a dangerous place. u.s. forces have been in afghanistan since 2001. a texas police officer went
10:25 pm
to extreme measures to save a nine-year-old boy. >> he's being called a hero tonight. christopher hicks used a towing strap to climb down a well sunday. his neighbor jackson fell in and he went after him. he braced himself to jackson until firefighters got there. jackson had surgery on his skull to fix a fracture and pressure on his brain. he says it all happened so fast. >> all i remember is getting kind of lightheaded and waking up in a cold dark place and seeing a light above me. >> hicks had just moved next door to jackson a few days ago. he's glad he was there and able to help. >> absolutely. looking down the barrel avenue gun. a body cam captures a moment a police officer caught up to a murder suspect in the woods the clue that started wild chase and chris? >> report roar the next time you drive down the ben franklin parkway you are going to notice something very different. i'm chris o'connell in center city. we're getting to the bottom of
10:26 pm
the question everyone is has been asking. what has happened to all the trees? scott? >> and everyone is also asking, what happened to spring? it feels more like winter. but we do have a spring testimony cher in the seven day forecast. details on the timing next.
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♪ right now at 10:30 mt. laurel police looking for a moon who used a baby stroller to steal from an arcade. individual joe shows the guy at the fun plex on route 38 saturday. police say he was with a woman who was pushing a baby stroller. they think she was the look out in the stroller shielded him as he broke into an arcade game and a vending machine. if you recognize this guy call mt. laurel police. the search continues for a missing california woman they believe was killed napped for ransomly 29 year old denise his kins abductioned from her home yesterday. a man who lives with his kins reported her disappearance but is not considered a suspect. he waited 12 hours to report the abduction.
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police say he must have been concerned to contact officers. her car was found only a few miles away. police say they got a random demand today but they won't specify exactly what the man who contacted them wants for her return. apparently one man really really likes to be naked. problem his neighbors say he's wearing not a sled of clothes while on his porch as children play nearby. we told you how his north carolina neighbors have been begging police for them to get him to stop. >> we're hearing from that man who says he's the victim. >> tangent they're on. i'm the witch hunt they're on. when you want to paint a picture you want to paint of someone you'll go to the measures whatever it takes. that is my concern with the community that i live in. >> gerard lieper has been number the naked man. lieper calls those pictures an invasion of privacy. police say it's enough to charge him but after a community meeting, neighbors just want him to get help instead of going to jail. >> our kids want to go outside.
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they want to be able to walk. they want to be able to walk their dog back and forth through our neighborhood and feel safe. won't have to worry about whether or not they're going to see something that had scar them for the rest of their lives. >> lieper has a lengthy history of run ins with the law police say they've arrested him eight times and three for indecent exposure. some big changes coming to the city's most prestigious boulevard. if you walk or drive along the ben franklin parkway chances are you've noticed something missing lately and many of you want to know why. >> things looking very empty around one of the most recognizable spots in the city. fox 29's chris o'connell joining us now from along the parkway in center city. i'm not happy about this, chris. >> reporter: lucy, a lot of people talking about this. they've been part of the historical landscape here along the ben franklin parkway for decades. well, that all changed this week. we're talking about trees. not just a few. we are talking dozens of them. cut down right down to the stump here along logan circle.
10:32 pm
now just a pile of fire wood and some are asking why? like a scene out of dr. seuss' the lore rack the back drop of fill's most famous street is now reduced to sawdust. >> i speak for the trees. >> someone has to because those walking by logan circle this week are seeing this, dozens of mature healthy trees cut down in their prime. >> and i realized all of the trees were gone. >> reporter: it's a graveyard of stumps, ash popular oak trees. if you counsel the rings many date back to the rizzo era. this is what logan circle looked like before the trees were cut down. this is what it looks liked today. >> very wide open, yes. looks a lot different doesn't it. >> a lot different. >> make. >> the stumps are becoming targets of graffiti. even under the watchful eye of pennypacker no one seems to know
10:33 pm
who cut down the trees. was it vandals? or maybe the city. >> saw whole bunch of trees cut down. i stopped and wonder why and i saw some cryptic messages written on the tree stumps and it adds to the mystery. >> reporter: after making some calls we found the answer. the vine street expressway penndot is the one responsible for the removal of trees. we're told it's the first phase of a five-year $80 million project to renovate seven overpass that is cross interstate 676. >> look a lot better when they were here. >> reporter: the bad news the trees lots of them had to be rimmed out. but we are told when the project is finish thousands of new trees and bushes will be replanted some admit it won't be the same. >> disappointed to see them go but hopefully they'll bring something unless their place. >> reporter: now penndot says construction on the project will actually come to a stop when the pope visits the area in september.
10:34 pm
it will go back up the renovation on the entire vine street expressway not scheduled to be completed until 2019, guys. >> all right, chris, thank you. getting to the bottom of that. i like to get to the bottom of where spring. >> it's somewhere. >> spring is currently south of us right now. >> it really is. i mean, lucy, temperatures to the south of us today 60s 70s we were stuck witness cloud cover for much of the day and that really put a cam on how high those temperatures went across our area. but as we look at the satellite you can see the thick clouds, the first par of the day eroding giving way to sunshine and a late afternoon high. we jumped up to 41 degrees after a cold start. 31 but look the normal this time of year is 56 degrees. look at the temperatures right now. 25 degrees in the pocono mountains. we have 28 in pottstown. 34 along the i-95 corridor. and toe 24 degrees in millville but take a look to the south.
10:35 pm
here's spring the milder air 64 in charlotte. we have 66 in mobile. upper 60s right now in new orleans. so that warm air will head in our direction not so much tomorrow but by thursday out ahead of a front temperatures will soar to near 70 degrees in some locations however we'll have to contend with few showers perhaps even some thunderstorms as well as this system slowly approaches our area during the day on thursday once again with the best chance for thunderstorm activity in the afternoon and evening. but this warm front will slowly advance overhead during the day tomorrow and that will give us a few scattered showers and then as we watch the clock, you can see thursday morning some scattered showers. then in the afternoon better chances for showers even some thunderstorms. but behind that system, colder air even the threat of some flurries by saturday turning colder. but take a look at the seven day forecast. 49 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. then upper 60s on thursday. scattered showers and thunderstorms.
10:36 pm
lingering showers on friday, cooler breezy, low 50s and then look at saturday. highs only in the upper 30s with that chance for a few snow flurries. iain and lucy. >> all right, scott, thank you. actress angelina jolie has another surgery to prevent cancer. to night what she says brought her doctor to tears. >> a surprise sent to an eight-year-old girl that horrified her parents. what was in this box that has them so fired up. >> plus pay attention when you're buying beauty products. the one thing on a label that makes you want to buy.
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i've just arrived in atlanta and i can't wait to start telling people how switching to geico could save them hundreds of dollars on car insurance. but first, my luggage. ahh, there it is. uh, excuse me sir? i think you've got the wrong bag. >>sorry, they all look alike, you know? no worries. well, car's here, i can't save people money chatting at the baggage claim all day. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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what a site. shark feeding frenzy taking over the waters of louisiana. shark who's migrated south for the winter are now on their way back north. amateur video catching hundreds together last week. biologists say sharks follow the fish they eat as fish go so do these sharks. in your money tonight taco bell expands its breakfast menu. first there was the waffle taco now it's the biscuit taco and everyone is talking about it. biscuit taco biscuit shaped like a taco wrapped around fried chicken. tuck inside egg cheese an choice of sausage or bacon. hal pinot honey sauce that mixes heat and sweet available in la right now. if it's a hit taco bell will roll it out in more marks. i know you can't wait for that. >> locale apparently.
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>> we apparently love our all natural beauty products. in fact new nielsen survey shows of all the claims we find products from wrinkle eraseing to dave defying it is the two words all natural that has us shelling out our money. 46% of adults surveyed say they'd be willing to pay more for those products. a word of warning here. just because it says all natural does not mean it is. the fda has not defined what the word natural exactly means. a disgusting delivery for a little girl in oregon. >> this is terrible. eight-year-old was so excite the to get a package in the male, you know, oh wow i got something until she saw what was inside. turns out somebody sent her a box full of animal feces. it came from a real website the company specializes in pranking people by sending them packages stuffed with waste. the girl's mother says she cannot believe someone would do that to a little girl. >> definitely not a present for an eight year old. he was more concerned about it being sent to a minor because it
10:41 pm
was obviously sent by an adult to child. >> the company's co-founders say they will implement a new policy and only ship orders to those 18 and over not sure how they're going to prove the age of recipients however. all right. high speed chase ended when the driver lost control and crashed into the woods. what one officer noticed that started the chase. >> foot problems aft 40. all right ladies. could be outside the shoes
10:42 pm
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
♪ police body cam video out of the daytona beach florida shows a car chase comes to an end an suv going 90 miles an hour hits a box truck and goes off into the woods. cops say as an officer was patrolling earlier in the day she came across two guys sleeping in that suv at an apartment complex. >> she run the tag number and comes back that that car was taken in a robbery homicide from columbia south carolina. additionally around the apartments. we put stop sticks down unfortunately as the case the bad guys hear the police and they pull out then drive over the stop sticks and stop sticks don't work.
10:45 pm
>> that led to the chase on i-95 i-95. one the vehicle crashed the driver took off into the woods. he was arrested. the passenger was taken to the hospital. once the driver was tape in to custody police say he confessed to a deadly shooting in south carolina. actress angelina jolie recent hal her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed to prevent cancer. the procedures put the 38-year-old now in menopause she's taking hormone replacements two years ago she had preventive double mass mastectomy mastectomy. she tested' fief for a gene that increase the risk for breast and ovarian cancers. she lost her mother, grant mother and aunt to cancer. she went to the same surgeon who treated her mother. the surgeon teared up when she showed up for the appointment saying the actress looks just like her mother film life begins at 40. yet for some women this is around the age when all sorts of thing start to happen to the body including their feet. you love fashionable shoes? you might want to take a listen to
10:46 pm
our down timmeney. ♪ >> reporter: imagine having to wear this or how about this? it's definitely not cheap. and yet sadly this what life after 40 looks like for a lot of women. lace up braces and shoe inserts. >> starts with genetics and you add the forces of weight bearing activity aging -- >> killer pair of heels. >> these are sharp. >> that's what our fox 29 producer says did her in. >> my height 5-foot three. heels are your friends. you love heels. you live for your heels. there were aches that wouldn't stop didn't matter if i had shoes on or not. my foot was always hurting. >> at first she thought she was imagining things when the pain radiating from the bottom of her foot to the top of her knee started getting worse she knew
10:47 pm
she had a problem. >> oh, my gosh you wouldn't even believe how much it hurt. i just had like this pain and it just -- this ache. it just kept getting stronger and stronger to the point that i just -- i didn't know what to do. >> a lot of women know her pain. myself included and like we try to ignore the comfort of our favorite high heels we blame it just being on our feet all day because we love our shoes. we deal with it instead of doing the smart thing and going see a foot doctor. >> certainly the cumulative impact can certainly causative captain pathology and pain especially as we age. >> dr. john scanlon chief medical officer and director director of podiatric medicine at chestnut hill hospital say other factors play part in this pain as well. >> somebody who inherited not so good foundation of foot that's flattens or very very high arch foot certainly aggravates conditions that we see associated with those deformities like bunions and
10:48 pm
hammer toes. >> for business woman marsha sharkey it was a recurring pain in her big toe that got her attention. good i have started to have some challenges from wearing the heels. i noticeed it about a year or two ago. so what made me start tore neck. >> she says the change in shoes certainly helped but something else did as well. >> i got my first cortisone shot about a year or so ago in my foot around my toe to help alleviate the pain and it was not a fun experience and i do remember the doctor that i spoke with said heels are probably not the best idea. >> very very important. >> marie bonner was told the same thing. it wasn't until she had to have surgery, three as a matter of fact, that she change her step somewhat. >> i pay the price and the pain at times. i had two hammer toes surgery done here and i've had a plantar fascitis in my right foot.
10:49 pm
>> two rather painful foot conditions but neither one enough to stop the former schoolteacher from wearing high meals just as she's done for the past their years. don't went to end up under the knife. >> formers pump app shoe made on athletic construct with more of a stable heel and a wide toe box area. >> not only does this type of shoe offer more support dr. scanlon says it provides more cushioning, physical therapy can you tell us help. >> grab your big toe. >> keep the foot in line with the leg. then pulling it backwards. >> the key is education. shoe of this nature really does have significant dee forming forces on the foot inn aftlily. >> don't timmeney, fox 29 news. dawn loves her shoes. >> she does. >> she loves the shoes. i wear like flat big ugly things.
10:50 pm
i'm happy. >> right. obviously you can see why. i mean you can always not wear heels. >> that's true. you can't say that. >> i wear shoes. i know. all right. after three years the next mind bending chapter of the x files is returning to fox but only for a six episode event series stars david duchovny and anderson returning as fbi agents fox molder and dana scully product set to begin this summer. some men try to get creative to the way they propose to the love of their life. >> it happened they first met at 35,000 feet in the air. >> will you marry me? >> it's hard to hear. they met on the plane and just got engaged on a plane. that's what you her. eric greener an alaska airlines pilot he hid in the cockpit of the plane. he wasn't piloting that flight he had more important thing to do like propose to his girl
10:51 pm
friend. during the mill of that flight from juneau actually from see at toll juneau. brandy is the flight attendant working at the time and her co-workers all helped to pull off the big surprise. >> i'm glad she said yes. >> it would have been bad otherwise, right. love is in the air. >> o hemorrhage! >> see. >> i was waiting for that. timing is everything. >> thank you for the moment guys guys. >> perfect. >> come clean today for the philadelphia eagles and it is as the eagles wheels turn at the end of the season howie roseman was in charge of personnel. five days later he wasn't. ahead in sports eagles owner jeffrey lurie explains why this guy chip kelly is in complete control. he sums it up in just one word. we
10:52 pm
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♪ the focus this off for the eagles has been on the players. who coming, who is going but who is calling the shots on those comings and goings. >> it really is chip kell polls world. howard eskin with more tonight from phoenix arizona. >> howie -- >> is that a question. >> yes. >> yes. >> that was lurie after the last game of the season when he said howie roseman is my general manager. five days later howie roseman was no longer general manager. today was the first day he spoke and he's got to explain some of those front office changes.
10:55 pm
>> after thinking about it, you know i just thought the best way to align ourselves was to try to, um, do this relatively rationale seamless way with chip. >> there's no question jeffrey lurie was influenced maybe more than influenced by his meetings with chip kelly in those five days in late december and for lurie, there was one key word in those meetings, chip had a vision of exactly how he thought we can get from good to great. and i thought it was a really sound vision that, um, he's a very bright guy. >> all about football. all about wanting to win big. and, um, it made so much sense. >> i'm an owner that tends to absolutely be supportive of a coach and his vision if it's a real sharp and smart vision. >> the vision of the new eagles franchise is not one where howie roseman is involved in personnel decisions.
10:56 pm
>> having a seamless scouting and coaching enterprise was real really what chip's vision was. he thought, you know, i think that he felt he can be maximizeed best with a senior personnel executive that was of his choosing. >> i don't really think you have to read between lines to know that chip kelly had major influence on howie roseman not being the general manager of the eagles. all right. so now what does chip kelly have to thai about that? chip speaks and he does it tomorrow. we're going to find out. very active week here this week. at the nfl owners meetings, i'm howard eskin fox 29 news. >> drama lever hurt them dark it guys. how about the phillies and braves today in orlando. this you may in the see a lot during the regular season. ryan howard third homer of the spring. very next pitch darrin ruf solo shot. phils beat the braves five to three. you love that eagles drama. never hurts. as long as they win 12 games this season, who cares.
10:57 pm
>> bingo. have a good onew??ççóo?ñçoñçwwñ
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
>> today on tmz. >> the rich homie quan can't get into a night club in miami.
11:00 pm
punches a security guard and takes off like james bond. >> tries to go to the v.i.p. section. it's too full. he punches the security guy. that's bad. what is not bad is how he escapes. runs across the street and jumps in a speed boat. boom! >> got some pretty cute photos of him and his family hanging out together. >> oh, my. so cute. >> what's good? >> him being a good daddy. >> it's only because they're good looking people. >> he is a hundred percent right. we never picked look at steve bushemi being a good dad. never done it. >> we got the rapper action bronson in new york city. he started calling out other rappers to challenge them to a cooking competition. any person, any


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